Movement Screening 

The belief of Injury Resolved is that proper movement and corrective exercise can Prevent Injuries.

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Dry Needling 

If you have movement concerns, trigger points, tight muscles, and pain associated with one or more of these concerns then Dry Needling may be the tool for you 

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Positional Release Therapy

Positional Release Therapy (PRT) also known by its parent term, strain counterstrain, is a form manual medicine that resolves pain and tissue dysfunction. Through positioning the body and tissue in positions of comfort, the neurological system can be manipulated to interrupt the pain spasm cycle and over time, to reset the resting length of tissue in a "normal" range, which promotes increase in strength, performance and function. Essentially, PRT is the opposite of stretching. Much like unkinking a knot from a chain necklace, PRT works in the same fashion; tissues are pushed together, twisted, compressed and manipulated to take tension off "neurological chain links." The therapy is pain-free and is suited for all ages and most painful conditions. tm

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Joint Mobilizations 

Joint mobilization is a manual therapy intervention, a type of passive movement of a skeletal joint. It is usually aimed at a 'target' synovial joint with the aim of achieving a therapeutic effect.

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Concussion Education

Injury resolved is the go-to resource for you to receive  ImPACT test administration and concussion education and awareness through  The ITAT is your leader for  ImPACT administrator to athletes, schools, youth club organizations, sports teams and doctors in their communities who are in need of this resource.

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Concierge Services 

If you are looking to contract the services of one of  Injury Resolved's Certified Athletic Training practitioners for your professional training needs in season or off season, you're in the right place. 

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